Day: January 1, 2017

Goals: Mig’s Way of Staying on Course

If you talk to any life coach or motivational speaker, you’ll probably hear the word “goals” more times than you can count. You’re supposed to set goals if you want to get anywhere in life. That’s true, but lots of people have goals that they never achieve. I want to set the record straight with my own take on how to use goals to actually achieve your dreams!

Step one is to do what we all do when we’re making goals: visualize your goal. Take a minute to daydream. What will you feel like when you meet your goal? What will it look like? Let the desire to achieve your goal permeate your entire being. It can help to draw on some inspiration. Look at pictures online or in magazines. Make a collage, or an album on your phone to glance at when you need a reminder of what you’re working toward.

Next, it’s time to move from feeling to thinking. Brainstorm some concrete steps you can take to achieve your goal. Make a list, so you can keep track of how you’re doing. Focus on small, practical steps, rather than big leaps. So, if you’re trying to make a trip abroad happen in your next year, don’t write down “save money”. Start with an amount, and a time frame, and concrete goals you can measure, like “save $100 every week”, or “make bookmarks of inexpensive places to stay”.

The key thing is to keep things manageable, so you can see consistent progress, and keep from feeling discouraged. Each time you see results, however small, you’ll feel encouraged and motivated to keep moving forward!

Now, it’s time to move from thinking to acting! Acting is the step that sets the dreamers apart from the doers. So, now that you’ve fired up your imagination and made a practical list of steps to take, get started! For example, if your goal is to stick to a healthy diet, act accordingly e.g. make homemade juice instead of buying preserved juices, cook your meals instead of relying on fast food delivery, and so on.

Measure your progress every week, and take a moment to refresh your imagination. Some people like to have a visual aid, like a poster, or a photo of the goal over their desk. Whatever helps you keep it in mind and allows you to maintain your motivation and focus.

That’s that! Your 3 things to remember to make your goals happen: Imagine, Think, Do.  Go for it!