Improve your mood: Mig’s tips for using breathing exercises, posture work, and the best juicers to get you feeling fit as a fiddle every day!

Are you feeling discouraged? Disinterested? Distracted? All these states of mind will lead you away from your goals of achieving a healthy prosperous life. Getting locked into any of them can result in a vicious cycle of repetition that’s hard to break out of.

So, to keep your motivation strong and your spirit grounded, here are my 4 Steps to Satisfaction that you can use every day.

The first thing to work on is your posture. Posture sets motivated and driven people apart from those who simply sit around and wait for others to act. An active body means an active mind, so you should work on finding active standing posture and active seated posture, at home and at work. You will focus more at work, and keep your brain properly supplied with blood and oxygen. When we slouch, we compromise our ability to keep our internal systems running optimally.

Here’s how to fix your posture. It’s all about expanding your chest to allow deep breathing, and engaging your core to support your back and neck properly.

When you inhale deeply, lift through the front of your chest, letting your shoulders fall behind you slightly. Feel length through  the top of your head. As you breathe out, try to maintain that extra lift you’ve built through the chest neck and shoulders. You will notice that maintaining the elevation requires core engagement, so you will be strengthening your midsection at the same time.

Check yourself throughout the day and build in a few deep breaths every hour to realign yourself. The more you work on maintaining a proper lift in your posture, the more it will become a matter of habit.

Studies show that folks with proper, active posture have much better moods, and much more energy throughout their day.

Just as slouching can drain you as the day goes by, so can a bad diet. You need to keep your body supplied with nutrients all day long. One easy solution I use to achieve a healthy diet during busy days is juicing. You can do it whenever works best for you, whether as a healthy beverage with your breakfast, or as a pick-me-up/recovery sip when you get home from work. Juicing is a quick blast of vitamins and other nutrients, along with a fat-free energy boost, though you have to remember to rely on the best juicers today for making those healthy drinks!

I like to focus on getting all my important nutrients in the morning with a hearty green juice. Add lots of leafy greens like kale and chart, along with your fruity juice base. In the evenings, I find I’m craving something more fruity. Apple, carrot, ginger, and beet juices make a lovely cocktail with a bit of zing to help me focus on reading, writing, or helping my daughters with homework.

If you’re new to juicing, I recommend starting  If you want to focus on maximum nutrition and have extra time to prepare your juices, you might like a slow juicer. To be honest, I find that I usually rely on my fast juicer, but you can choose whatever works for your lifestyle. I find that to make enough for my family and myself, and still have time to share with them, I need to work quickly.

You will find that the nutrient blasts you get from juicing mitigate the slumps we usually have during mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You should also notice a very tangible difference in how you feel throughout the day. I am more alert, more relaxed, and more “alive” since I started adding juicing to my routine.

I’ve already talked about how deep, focused breathing can help you maintain your active posture. Now, let’s talk about all the other ways breathing properly can help you.

Breathing deeply will help slow your heart rate down from an anxious pitter patter to a measured, methodical pace that helps you manage your stress and stay centered. You will feel calmer, and more in control throughout your day.

Keeping control of your breath also controls physical tension, too! Like most of us, I find that when I am breathing rapidly, my muscles are also tensing up. This is how we become sore and prone to injuries.

Deeply exhaling through your nose is also the optimal way to  stay healthy. So, if you are trying to keep diseases at bay, this is much more effective than hand sanitizer. Most germs are transmitted through the air, which is why many of us become ill in office spaces where central air systems spread germs around the office

Finally, I would like to introduce you to something that is practically a religion in Scandinavian countries: walk outside every day. In Northern Europe, we believe that fresh air is the cure for nearly every ailment. It will clear your head, clear your lungs and revitalize you all year round. Even if you just go for one 15-minute walk around your office block, you will notice a big difference in your mood. It’s important to remember that there’s a whole world out there beside your desk!

Well, there you have it! My 4 Steps to Satisfaction! Start today to start improving your moods immediately. Looking for a good quality juicing machine? Check out this page.