Winter refreshers:

Well, darlings, I don’t know about you, but I always find myself hitting a bit of a slump in the wintertime. Even though my Scandinavian roots make me love the cold and snow for a few months, the weather gets to us all in the end!

To save myself from the “blues” of winter, I find it’s helpful to add some refreshing hints of summer to my diet.

My absolute favorite thing is to increase my citrus intake. The vitamin C keeps me healthy during the colder times, and there’s something unmistakably cheerful about it, no? Clementines are in season, and they’re my go-to snack for conferences and workshops during winter, as well as when I’m around the house. I like to pack them for school with my children as well. Citrus juice is also a nice reminder of brighter days during the mornings. I like it on its own, and I sometimes add a bit extra to my homemade juice mixes this time of year.

I also love in integrate spicy foods into my meals, in order to fire up the sweat glands which see so little use during colder seasons. I make lots of curry, as well as tacos and some spicy chili, something I have totally fallen in love with here in America.

My gardener friends in Portland have taught me how easy it is to put up hot peppers during the summer, so I love to break them out in winter and warm the family up from the inside out!

Of course, like everybody else, I love traditional, cozy winter fare like tea and hot cider. There’s nothing better during a snowstorm. But to shake up the winter drag, I want you all to try adding some zingy summer flavors to your food to get you up and “at em”, as they say! I think you will find it makes a big difference to have exciting spices instead of your average meat and potatoes winter meal.

Wishing you all warmth and happiness-